exact non-contact thermometer


The Luvion Exact non-contact infrared thermometer is designed to measure your baby’s body temperature in a non-invasive, safe and hygienic way. You can use the Exact non-contact thermometer even while your baby is sleeping! The measured temperature is clearly displayed on the large LCD Display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Moreover the LCD display will light up red when the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, and green if the measured temperature is within the healthy temperature range. This allows you to interpret the measurement quickly. The non-contact thermometer can be used for measuring the temperature of milk as well. The thermometer is easy to use and suitable for people of all ages. It’s easy to clean and has a memory for 20 temperature readings.


thermometer set


With this digital thermometer set you have all the thermometers at once at home that you possibly might need for your baby. The digital fever thermometer has a flexible tip which makes it safe and very child friendly. A clear LCD display shows the body temperature at a 0.1 degree accuracy. This thermometer can be used for both infants, children and adults. The handy soother thermometer allows you to measure your baby’s temperature in a very gentle and stress less way. The bath thermometer will warn you when the temperature of the water is too high or too low. With this thermometer you can measure the temperature of the nursery as well.




The Luvion Babyscale Exact-65 is an accurate babyscale, with a capacity of 20kg measured in 5g increments. The large digital LCD blue light display makes it quick and easy to read. The robust and hygienic surface of the scales are made of the highest quality plastic and can be quickly and easily cleaned. The scales also include a tare function so that only the baby's weight is measured not the weight of the clothing or blanket.






The Luvion Deluxe-80 Fetal Doppler will enable you to hear the heartbeat and movements of your unborn baby from the twelfth week of pregnancy in the comfort of your own home! You may even hear hiccups, kicks, blows and baby's first movements. You can see the heart rate on the LCD display. The Doppler Deluxe-80 is a small compact portable unit and is totally safe and very easy to use. This products ergonomic design means it can easily be held in the palm of your hand for easy maneuvering to find your baby's heartbeat. The Doppler Deluxe-80 comes with a headphone and a recording cable which allows you to save these first sounds on your computer to keep as a memory or to email to family and friends.


babysense 7 breathing monitor


The BabySense is a monitoring / prevention device and monitors the movements of your baby 24/7. Baby Sense will alert you if the breathing of your baby is abnormally fast or abnormally slow, and when the respiratory motion stops completely. BabySense will provide you peace of mind and is very easy to use.

Luvion healthcare set

Healthcare set

Luvion Healthcare set. Keep your baby healthy and groomed with this 7 piece kit of healthcare and grooming essentials. This very complete kit contains safety rounded-tip scissors, a baby nail clipper, two small emery boards. A nasal aspirator with a soft and flexible tip. A soft bristles brush and a special safety Rounded-tip babycomb.This handy starter kit for new parents contains al the baby healthcare and grooming essentials. This grooming kit makes a perfect gift at a baby shower.


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