Do you want to be able to see and hear your little miracle wherever you are? With the Luvion Grand Elite HD baby monitor with camera and app you can! Having a drink at your neighbours house, on vacation or at work; anywhere you want you can watch and listen to your baby through the free to download Luvion Connect app. Not only is this fun and handy it will also give you piece of mind to do your own thing. This baby monitor from Premium Baby Monitor Luvion will always provide you with the certainty of a good reception, both at home and on the go.

Thanks to the latest Luvion technology you can use this premium baby monitor in three different ways. First off course the old fashion way, at home. Like all Luvion video baby monitors the Grand Elite 3 Connect has a dedicated video monitor, as always this monitor has a very high picture quality. Almost always you’ll be using the baby monitor this way. Compared to the competition in Wi-Fi/3G/4G compatible baby monitors you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see you can reach the same distances as the best regular video baby monitors because of the patented LLHR Technology. This technology prevents the direct and Wi-Fi connections from interfering with one another, like you’ll experience when using different brand dual mode baby monitors. Secondly you can use the baby monitor at home while, while your partner uses Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G to access the app to hear and see your baby at the same time. The third and final way you can use the baby monitor is exclusively through the app, for example when you are visiting a neighbour, walking the dog or having dinner nearby. You and your partner can both use your smartphone to watch and listen to your little miracle. The connection is fully password secured and 100% interference free. Do you want to be notified when the baby is awake; no problem, the app will send you a notification when there is any sound near the camera.

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