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At Luvion, the specialist in baby monitors with camera you will also find the best audio baby monitors. Our DECT baby monitors are all equipped with Hi-definition sound so that you can always hear the sounds from the baby's room optimally under any circumstance. It does not matter whether you choose a simple model or a model that is fully equipped, the sound will always be excellent.



No Nonsense Audio baby monitor, perfect Hi-definition audio quality.


Very comprehensive audio baby monitor with perfect sound and all the extra functions you can think of.


The Icon Long Range has a very long range up to 3000 meters

The Icon Clear 70 DECT baby monitor ensures optimal sound from the baby's room thanks to the Hi-definition audio. The signal is completely interference-free and safe and the baby monitor is also equipped with an out of range and low battery warning so that you are warned when the baby monitor loses the connection. The visual volume indicator LEDs on the Icon clear 70 also warns you visually, for example during a party or if you want to switch off the sound temporarily.

The Luvion Icon Clear 75 Pro DECT baby monitor always ensures a 100% interference-free, secure private connection with your baby and crystal clear sound. In addition to excellent sound quality and all basic functions, this baby monitor is equipped with many extras such as an easy-to-read display with background lighting, talkback function, temperature sensor, feeding timer and a projector.

The Luvion Icon Long Range is the ideal baby monitor if you want to be able to use it at a great distance. With a range of up to about three kilometers you can quickly get out of the house and still hear everything, walk the dog or quickly pick up your other child(ren) from school without losing contact. Or use it on vacation when, for example, you go to eat something or sit in the lobby while your little one is sleeping in the room.

Our audio only models

If you want a simple baby monitor that, in addition to the (perfect) sound, also has all the essential safety functions such as an out of range warning and empty battery warning? Then choose the Icon Clear 70.

Do you want a more extensive model, of course also equipped with perfect sound and all safety functions, but also with an integrated starry sky projector, lullabies, talk-back function, power timer and temperature sensor, all of which can be operated via a handy display on the monitor? Then choose the Icon Clear 75.

If the range is more important than the best possible sound quality, then choose the Luvion Icon Long Range. The PMR technology provides a range of up to 3000 meters under optimal conditions, where this is about 300 meters with standard models.

Quality sound still the most important

We strongly believe in the extra convenience that a video baby monitor offers, but we also know that good sound is still always the most important thing . That is why good sound is always a first requirement in all our products. Our audio baby monitors also benefit from the techniques we have developed to ensure this. The Luvion Hi-definition sound ensures an optimal user experience on our audio baby monitors. This means that every sound from the baby's room always reaches you optimally on the monitor.

Advantages of an audio baby monitor

The biggest advantage is in the greater range, both DECT and PMR signals are less sensitive compared to the digital signal from a video baby monitor. Where the range of a video baby monitor can be compared to a WiFi network, with a good range in and around the house. The range of a audio baby monitor is often wider, depending on the technique ranging from a couple houses to a couple blocks.

In addition, sound transmission is less demanding for the battery, so you will have to charge the baby monitor less often.