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At Luvion we offer a complete range of baby care products. Keep your baby healthy and groomed with an array of healthcare and grooming essentials. Such as the manicure set; containing safety rounded-tip scissors, baby nail clippers and baby nail filers. The Deluxe baby care set also includes a soft bristles brush, a special safety round baby comb and a nasal aspirator with a soft and flexible tip.

For the best care of the first teeth, you will also find an electric baby toothbrush.

We also provide an accurate baby scale, robust and hygienic to measure your baby’s weight in the first critical period.


Baby Scale Exact-75

The Luvion Exact 75 is a very accurate baby scale to measure both the length and weight of your newborn

Deluxe Baby Care Set

With this luxury 9 part baby care products set you have everything you need to groom your baby's hair and nails.

3-piece Baby Manicure Set

Take care of those tiny nails with the qualitative Luvion baby manicure set

Sonic Baby Toothbrush 250S

With this sonic baby toothbrush, you can optimally brush their first teeth.

Sonic Baby Toothbrush 350S

Provides light in different colors for an even more enjoyable experience.

With the Luvion Exact 75 Baby Scale you can accurately keep track of your baby's weight and growth. Precision, design and quality, the ergonomic design ensures that your baby lies comfortably on the Luvion digital scale.
The digital scale is especially useful for premature babies and when weighing before and after breastfeeding. But of course it's also fun to keep a close record of your baby's growth process!

The luxury 9-part baby care set really has all you need to take care of your baby's grooming needs. The soft brush is suitable for newborns. The comb has rounded ends to protect the scalp. Help your baby to get rid of mucus with the handy nasal cleaner. For manicuring you can safely use the rounded nail scissors, the clippers and the soft nail files.

With the 3-piece baby manicure set you get everything you need to take care of your baby's nails in one go. The set contains a baby nail file, special scissors with a rounded tip and a nail clipper.

An electric toothbrush suitable for babies, thanks to the pulsating movement of the brush head, the Luvion Sonic Baby Toothbrush ensures that the teeth are optimally cared for. The size of the brush head is also adapted to the age of the little one. One brush head for small babies (1-18 months) and a second for older children (from 18 months).

This fun 350S Sonic baby toothbrush has been further optimized for a perfect brushing result. In addition, this toothbrush not only gives white light in the brush head, like the 250S, but the light can be set to your little one's favorite color.

Filing and cutting baby nails

A newborn has very soft nails, it is recommended not to cut the nails but to file in the first 3 months. For safety reasons, once you start clipping the nails after 3 months, make sure to use the special baby nail scissors or clippers like the ones included in the 3 piece manicure or the luxury 9 piece grooming set.


Our luxury baby care set has a rounded comb and a natural hairbrush to avoid irritating or hurting your baby’s soft scalp.

Taking care of baby teeth

For the first teeth, use the Luvion sonic baby toothbrush, thanks to the continuous pulsating movement, the first baby teeth are optimally cleaned.

Caring for a nasal congestion

Our Deluxe baby care set also includes a nasal cleaner. Ideal to help remove mucus from your baby’s nose during a cold.

Baby weight monitoring

It is very important to monitor your baby’s weight in the first critical months, especially when breast-feeding. The Luvion baby scale is very accurate, so you know exactly if your baby is gaining sufficient weight.