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Baby manicure set


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Baby manicure set

With this complete 3-piece, Luvion Baby Manicure Set you get everything you need to tend to your baby’s nails from birth in one go. The set contains a nail scissor, nail clipper and a file.

Nail File

A newborn has very soft nails, it is recommended not to cut the nails but to file in the first 3 months, therefore the nail file is off course included within our manicure set!

Nail Clipper

For safety reasons, once you start clipping the nails after 3 months, make sure to use the special baby nail scissors or clippers like the ones you find in this set. The sharp ends of the clipper for example are shielded by a extra plastic layer in front of them. This doesn’t hinder you when cutting the nails but it does protect your baby.

Nail Scissor

The special baby nail scissor in this baby manicure set has a rounded and on both blades for extra safety. This helps to prevent injury when you try to cut your baby’s nails and he or she has other plans and suddenly pulls the finger you were trying to cut away.




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