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LED Bunny Night Light


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LED Bunny Night Light

This new beautiful LED bunny night light is nice as a cuddly toy in bed or just to be used as a bed time light. The night light doesn’t get warm and is made of a safe soft touch plastic. When you turn it on the little bunny shines in all the colours of the rainbow but can also be fixed to 1 colour of your choice if desired. You simply turn the light on and off or switch between the different colours by a touch button on top of the head of the rabbit night light. The rabbit will then switch on and automatically switch itself off after 15 minutes. This way, the light will not be on unnecessarily and the battery will last much longer.

Because the LED rabbit night light is easy to operate by means of the touch button, the little one will quickly learn how to switch it on himself. The night light is ideal when he/she is still a bit afraid to go to sleep in a completely dark room. The soft light of the little mouse is the ideal reassurance for him/her to fall asleep with.

LED Night Light

Because of the LED technology the night light is very economical, on one AA battery it will last up to 30 hours. This equates to 120 uses before the battery needs to be replaced. Because the battery is behind a screwed cover, it is also 100% safe.

  • 1 AA battery lasts up to 30 hours
  • ECO LED night light technology ensures long life
  • One-touch button to operate the light and switch it on/off
  • Automatic standby after 15 minutes
  • Rainbow colour mode and fixed colour options

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