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With a variety of Luvion digital thermometers you get to choose the most suitable way to measure your baby’s temperature. In addition we offer you tools to measure the temperature of the bath and the nursery. Luvion offers a complete range of qualitative thermometers, there is a suitable solution for every family.


Baby Thermometer Set

The complete set with all baby thermometers

Elephant Thermometer for Bath / Room

Digital room and bath thermometer in the shape of a cute elephant

Pink Bath / Baby Room Thermometer

Digital baby room and bath thermometer in the shape of a flower

Blue Bath / Baby Room Thermometer

Digital baby room and bath thermometer in the shape of a blue flower

Glowstar Baby Room Thermometer

This smart Luvion Glowstar is both a soft nightlight and a room thermometer in one!

This beautiful set contains all the thermometers you need for your baby. The most important is, of course, the digital fever thermometer so you can always accurately check if the little one has a fever.
A bath thermomer also should not be missed, with the waterproof blue flower within the set you can measure the temperature of the bathwater quickly and precisely and you will be warned immediately if the water is too hot or too cold.
Finally, a teat thermometer is included to easily take a quick temperature measurement by mouth.

The adorable elephant thermometer may be used to measure both room as bath temperature. Its accuracy makes it a great tool to make sure the baby bath is not too warm or too cold.

The little elephant is a perfect playmate for in the bath.

The pink bath thermometer in the shape of a flower is not only very handy to measure the temperature of the bathwater or the baby room. The thermometer can also be used as a bath toy.

The flower shaped thermometer is also available in blue. Except for the colour they are exactly the same, so just choose the colour you like best.

The Glowstar is a beautiful room thermometer in the shape of a star. The Glowstar also functions as a night light. By using different colours of LED light, the Glowstar immediately shows when it is too cold (blue), slightly too warm (orange) or much too hot (red) in the room. If the temperature is just right then the light will be green.

Broad range of baby thermometers.

At Luvion you find all thermometers you could possibly need. Great solutions to measure body, bath and room temperature. All our thermometers have a playful design for babies and kids to enjoy.
In the baby thermometer set you will find 2 fever thermometers. One pacifier to measure temperature orally, and a more accurate traditional version for rectal measuring. Our advice is: When suspecting a fever, first use the less invasive pacifier thermometer, which should give an indication of possible fever. When the pacifier indicates a high temperature, we recommend using the rectal flex tip thermometer to measure the exact height of your babies fever. Using the pacifier first gives you get a good indication of a possible fever without going through the more unpleasant rectal measurement straight away.

Bath thermometer

The set includes a cute blue flower to measure the temperature of the bathwater. The flower is sold separately as well, both in a soft blue as a pink shade. Another bath thermometer we offer is a cute blue elephant. All measure both bath as room-temperature. They are easily switched on by tapping on their back. An indicator light will alert you if the water is too warm.

Babyroom thermometer

All our bath thermometers can be used to measure the temperature in the baby room. In addition we have designed the Luvion Glowstar. Its colour indicates whether the room is too cold, too warm or just right. The soft product design makes for a great friend at night, easy to handle by little hands.