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A dark room is important for a good night's sleep for you and your baby/child. The Luvion window darkening is ideal for at home or to take with you on a trip. Thanks to the sturdy suction cups and Velcro strip, the curtains are easy to tailor for any window. Thanks to the suction cups you can also easily detach it to let in light during the day or to remove it completely to take it with you on your travels!

The nice starry sky pattern makes the curtain an asset to the nursery, but it is ideal for children and adults as well. Are you sensitive to light and do you want to have the room completely dark when you travel, even when there are no curtains present? Then the Luvion Blackout Curtain is ideal for you!


Luvion Blackout Curtain

For a completely dark room at home and/or when travelling!

The Luvion Blackout Curtain with starry sky pattern is perfect for rooms without permanent blackout. Make the (baby) room completely dark easily and quickly by customizing the blackout curtain using the Velcro strips and then place it directly on the window using the suction cups. Ideal for at home in the nursery and for traveling!