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Eco Fast Deluxe Bottle Warmer


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4 in 1 Bottle Warmer

De Eco Fast Deluxe is a very quick and user friendly bottle warmer with for different fucntions, everything a bottle warmer needs! With the function buttons you quickly and easily choose the right setting. With the countdown timer you can set a precise warm up time, after the timer counts down to zero the bottle warmer will automatically shut down

The main function, the quick heating function heats the bottle from refrigerator temperature to use temperature within a couple minutes. Thanks to the high power of our power of our Eco Fast Deluxe the heating is done a lot quicker compared to the average bottle warmers which can easily take up to 15 minutes to heat a bottle. Especially at night or with a crying hungry baby you don’t want to have to wait this long off course! The average heating times are available in the manual but these are subject to the specific circumstances, for example the type off bottle you use or the temperature of your refrigerator influence the exact times.

The bottle warmer can also be used to keep a bottle warm, ideal when you’ve already heated the bottle but the baby is still sleeping or if he/she doesn’t want to drink his/her bottle yet.

The thrid function on our bottle warmer is the defrosting function, you can use this to defrost frozen mothers milk or homemade vegetable jars. By using the defrost mode on the bottle warmer the food never gets to hot, causing the unnecessary loss of good nutrients.

Finally you can use the steam cover to styerilize your bottles and soother to kill harmful bacterias, this is especially important during the first couple of months when the baby’s immune system is still developing.

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