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The Luvion DECT baby monitors with Hi-definition sound ensure an optimal connection between you and your little one. With all our DECT models, the sound quality is the first priority and you can therefore rest assured that this is perfectly fine. It does not matter whether you opt for a basic model or a very extensive model.

For an optimal connection to the baby's room, choose the simple Icon Clear 70 as well as the very extensive Icon Clear 75 Pro. You should choose the Icon Clear 75 Pro if you want to use the extra options such as lullabies, integrated starry sky projector, talk-back function, power timer and/or temperature sensor. These options help you reassure the baby from a distance, from the easy-to-operate monitor.



No Nonsense Audio baby monitor, perfect Hi-definition audio quality.


Very comprehensive audio baby monitor with perfect sound and all the extra functions you can think of.

The Icon Clear 70 DECT baby monitor has everything you need, the most important of which is excellent sound from the baby's room. Furthermore, all necessary functions are present to ensure that the connection can never be lost unnoticed. There is an out of range as well as a low battery warning present for this purpose, this ensures that you are always informed when the baby monitor loses its connection. Visual sound indication LEDs ensure that even when the sound is turned off or when you are in a crowded room, you can see when the baby is making noise.

The Icon Clear 75 Pro is our most comprehensive DECT baby monitor, in addition to a completely interference-free secure private connection and crystal clear sound, this baby monitor is also very extensive in its possibilities. Switch on a beautiful starry sky projection via the monitor or activate one of the 18 beautiful lullabies and you can also talk to the baby yourself. The display on the monitor with blue backlight (for nighttime use) can also be used to monitor room temperature and set a feeding timer.

Basic features of our DECT baby monitors

With all our DECT baby monitors you are assured of crystal clear sound and an interference-free connection. In addition, there are three basic functions available, an out of range warning when you move out of the range of the baby monitor and a low battery warning so you know when to use the baby monitor on the charger. Finally, they are all equipped with visual sound indication via LEDs that indicate the sound level in the baby room, the more indicator LEDs are lit, the louder the sound from the baby's room.

Large range and long battery life

Due to the DECT technology and its more limited sensitivity compared to, for example, camera baby monitors, a DECT baby monitor provides a greater range. The battery life is also often longer because the sound transmission is less taxing on the monitor's battery.