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Our ear muffs are of the highest quality and specially designed for optimal hearing protection for the ears of small children to prevent hearing damage and/or to promote concentration during school or homework.

Research shows that 1 in 8 children suffer hearing damage as a result of exposure to loud noises in the early years. The damage is caused by loud environmental noises from events, concerts, fireworks or festivals. By using high quality ear protectors, such early damage to hearing can be prevented.

In addition to protection, the ear muffs can also be used to block out ambient sounds in situations where high concentration is required. Especially when children have trouble concentrating in a noisy house or busy classroom, this can be helped with the help of our ear muffs. Removing external stimuli/noises can thus contribute to better results.

The ear protectors are available in 3 trendy colors: Petrol Blue, Misty Mint & Dusty Pink. They are all collapsible, making them compact in their stylish protective covers and easy to take anywhere. The high-quality materials used are not only soft and comfortable for the ears, but also easy to clean. The adjustable headband ensures that it can be custom-made for children of all ages.

Ear Protectors

Misty Mint Hearing Protection

Optimally protects the sensitive ears of your baby, toddler or child against loud noises.

Petrol Blue Ear Muffs

Optimally protects the sensitive ears of your baby, toddler or child against loud noises.

Dusty Pink Ear Protectors

Optimally protects the sensitive ears of your baby, toddler or child against loud noises.

With our compact stylish ear protectors you always have the optimal protection for your child within reach, for example when the music at a party is just a little too loud. In addition to their protective function, our ear muffs are also ideal for helping school children to concentrate in a busy home or classroom. Due to the high quality and high wearing comfort, the protectors themselves will not cause distraction.

Our ear muffs attenuate harmful and loud sounds without completely shutting off

Because the ambient noise is muffled but not completely blocked, the ears are completely protected against damage and the protectors can always be used safely. The noise reduction during use is 26dB and complies with the EN 352-1:2002 standard for hearing protection.

Specifications Luvion Ear Protectors

  • Ideal for use at festivals and events
  • Ideal for better concentration at school
  • Mutes harmful and loud sounds, but doesn't cut off from the ambient noise
  • Mainly suitable for (children) from 24 months
  • Comfortable due to the soft headband
  • 2-point attachment for even pressure distribution of the earmuff
  • Collapsible, making it easy to store and carry
  • Including stylish storage cover
  • Available in 3 trendy colors
  • complies with EN 352-1:2002
  • Noise reduction (SNR value): 26dB