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Luvion Easy camera
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The Luvion Easy is an easy to use, no-nonsense baby monitor with camera and offers you complete peace of mind. The baby monitor has all the essential functions you might need and delivers the quality you may expect from the Luvion brand. Think of high-definition imagery and the clearest sound. The Luvion Easy software offers talkback function, night vision, temperature display and VOX function. The Luvion Easy has such ‘easy’ controls that it is considered a plug and play baby monitor; basically you can plug it in wherever you are and set it up within a minute. This baby monitor scores 4.2 out of 5 from over 1000 happy parents online and has won several ‘best reviewed’ awards. So, if you are looking for a simply great baby monitor without too many extras, the Luvion Easy is the perfect choice for you.


The budget friendly Luvion Easy set is ideal if you are looking for a compact babymonitor. Some parents purchase the Easy as a second set for travels or sleepovers at the grandparents. Luvion’s trademark, the crystal clear vision and sounds makes sure that you never have to miss what is happening in the nursery. Night-vision is guaranteed with the infrared system.

Other functionalities are the talkback option, temperature display and the handy VOX function.

Specifications Luvion Easy

  • 2” (inch) colour screen
  • Night vision: Clear images in the night-time
  • Talkback function: use the monitor to sing or talk to your baby
  • Room temperature display: Make sure it is not too warm or cold in the nursery
  • VOX activation: The monitor will switch on when the baby cries