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The Luvion Essential Limited Black Edition is a special limited edition of the Luvion Essential, the best-selling baby monitor in the Netherlands. This cool all-black version of the Luvion Essential blends perfectly into any interior. Just like the 'normal' Essential, the image and sound are crystal clear. The Luvion Essential is equipped with all the necessary and convenient baby monitor functions. You can connect up to 4 cameras to this baby monitor for siblings. The cameras of the Luvion Essential, Luvion Essential Limited Edition and Luvion Essential Limited Black Edition are interchangeable, mix & match!


Besides the looks this all-black baby monitor also has an excellent price/quality ratio. The Luvion Essential has won many awards for good reason. It was nominated for the consumer award for the best product by "Ouders van Nu". The Essential baby monitor is also 'Best from Test' by Kek Mama and 'Best Reviewed' by consumers at Kieskeurig. The Luvion Essential already has more than fourteen hundred (!) reviews on with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Specifications Luvion Essential Limited Black Edition

  • Connect up to 4 cameras to one monitor (additional cameras can be ordered separately)
  • 100% safe and interference-free signal through data encryption
  • Night vision: So that you can see your baby perfectly even at night
  • VOX function ensures automatic activation when your baby makes a sound
  • Lullabies: 3 soothing melodies to help your baby fall asleep
  • Speak back: Talk through the baby monitor and the camera to your baby
  • Digital zoom mode: Zoom in on the crib
  • Timer: You can use the baby monitor to easily keep track of sleep and feeding times.
  • Temperature display with alarm function: So you always know immediately if the baby's room is too hot or cold.
  • 250 meters range (open field)
  • Automatic channel selection for continuous smooth images
  • Monitor with rechargeable Lithium battery
  • The camera can be rotated in almost all directions
  • Night vision activates automatically based on the brightness and gives visibility up to 5 meters
  • Volume and VOX sensitivity easily adjustable
  • Visual sound indication on the monitor via LED lights