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Luvion Essential Limited Camera


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Luvion Essential Limited extra camera

Here you can order the separate Luvion Essential Limited camera. This camera only works with the Luvion Essential and the Luvion Essential Limited (it does not work with other Luvion models). This camera offers exactly the same extensive functionality as the original Essential camera. Moreover, the beautiful wood-look design makes the camera stand out just a little bit better in any modern baby room.

You can easily connect this camera as an extra camera to any existing Essential Limited or Essential monitor. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to any monitor. When connecting multiple cameras, you have the choice to have the monitor switch on automatically when sound is detected (VOX), to switch between camera’s manually or to automatically switch between the connected cameras every 3 seconds.

This expansion camera is equipped with exactly the same functions as the original camera from the set. Infrared LEDs for a perfect image in the dark, a microphone so you can play songs on the camera or speak back to it, and a temperature sensor so you can also read the room temperature remotely with this camera.

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