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The Luvion Fetal Dopplers are designed to offer a safe and easy way to listen to the baby heartbeat and movements of your unborn baby at home during the pregnancy. The Doppler Deluxe-80 may be used from about 12 weeks onwards, and the Luvion Angelsounds from week 14. All you need to do is to apply some gel or body lotion on your belly, switch on the Luvion Fetal Doppler and listen to the unique sounds of your unborn miracle!


Doppler Deluxe-80

The Luvion Doppler Deluxe-80 has been designed to listen to your baby’s heartbeat within the comfort of your own home. The Fetal Doppler is easy and safe to use from about the 12th week of the pregnancy.


The Luvion Angelsounds Fetal Doppler is designed to listen to the heartbeat and movement of your unborn baby from about the 14th week of your pregnancy.

The Luvion Fetal Doppler Deluxe-80 is specially designed to listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat while at home. The Doppler is safe and easy to use from around 12 weeks of pregnancy. Besides listening to your unborn baby's heart, you can also check your baby's heartrate through the LCD display.
This Luvion Fetal Doppler is very easy to use, all you have to do is turn on the Luvion Doppler Deluxe-80, put some gel or body lotion on your belly and you will immediately hear your unborn miracle!

The Luvion Angelsounds Doppler enables you to safely listen to the prenatal sounds and monitor the heartbeat of your unborn baby in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
The Angelsounds monitor allows you experience the magic of hearing your babys heartbeat, hiccups and kicks which you can even record to cherish for years to come or to share with family that are too far away to visit.
For best results, we would recommend using the monitor with ultrasound gel. The Angelsound Doppler is easy and safe to use.

Special doppler ultrasound gel to use with the Luvion Doppler Deluxe 80 and the Luvion Angelsound. The gel is available in two sizes, a 50ml tube and a 250ml bottle.

Luvion Doppler Deluxe 80 en Luvion Angelsounds

At Luvion we have 2 different Fetal Dopplers designed to listen to your baby’s heartbeat: the Angelsound and the Doppler Deluxe 80. The Doppler Deluxe 80 is more sensitive; you can hear your baby’s heartbeat from the 12th week of the pregnancy onwards. The Angelsounds should give a clear sound of the heartbeat from week 14th onwards. These are general recommendations. Beside this the Doppler Deluxe 80 has one extra feature compared to the Angelsound, the digital display allows you to monitor the heartrate instead of only listening to the heartbeat.

The Deluxe 80 comes as a set with 50ml gel. The Angelsound is delivered with a cute headset, but without gel. You can order your gel here as well though to make the set complete, the gel is available in a 50ml tube or a 250ml bottle.