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All Luvion baby monitors have a long 250-300 meter maximum range between the camera and the monitor, depending on which model you choose. Most of our baby cameras have a reach of 300 meters, such as the Prestige Touch 2, the Plus versions of the Easy and the Essential, the Icon Deluxe, the Supreme Connect and the Grand Elite 3 Connect. A free, secure app allows both the Supreme Connect 2 and the Grand Elite 3 to connect your mobile device for unlimited range! For a long range baby monitor with video transmission you won't find anything better than a Luvion.


Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus Black

This black Plus version of the Grand Elite 3 is equipped with LLHR technology for optimal range

Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus

The Plus version of the Grand Elite 3 is equipped with LLHR technology for optimal range

Grand Elite 3 Connect

Premium HD Luvion baby monitor with camera and app

Prestige Touch 2

HD video baby monitor equipped with a 7" screen, best tested by Mother & Baby Magazine

Supreme Connect 2

Premium HD baby monitor with camera and app

Icon Deluxe White Edition

HR baby monitor with 5" screen

Icon Deluxe Black Edition

HR baby monitor with 5" screen

Essential Plus

The Plus version of the Essential is equipped with a remotely controlled camera

Essential Black Edition

All-black Limited Edition of the Essential

Essential Limited Edition

Wooden print Limited Edition version of the Essential


The best reviewed video baby monitor in the Netherlands

Platinum 3

No nonsense baby monitor with camera, VOX function and 3.2" screen

Easy Plus

The Plus version of the Easy allows connecting more cameras


The userfriendly, no nonsense baby monitor with camera

We have the Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus in both a standard white as well as this unique black version. This dual mode baby monitor can be used with the supplied monitor or with an app on your smartphone or tablet. You have unlimited reach via the app. Anywhere in the world, as long as you have a 4g/5g or WiFi connection, you can view the images from the camera. But the range is also just fine at home, as you are used to from Luvion. At home, the special LLHR technology is used. This gives you a perfect range on the monitor everywhere in and around your house. Up to 4 cameras can be connected simultaneously to the Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus. All cameras can be viewed both on the monitor and via the app.

The Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus dual mode baby monitor can be used for monitoring via the parent unit or via the Luvion Connect App. The app gives you unlimited reach as long as you have a 3g/4g/5g of Wi-Fi connection. At home you have a long distance connection between the camera and the parent unit using the LLHR technology. You can connect up to 4 cameras to the Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus. The visuals on all cameras can be viewed via a secure connection on your mobile devices or on the parent unit.


The Grand Elite 3 Connect gives you unlimited range via a handy app so you can safely view images from the camera anytime, anywhere. In addition, you also have a handy monitor with the maximum possible range for easy local use. The unique LLHR technology ensures that the monitor has a much wider range than normal wifi baby monitors.

The very complete Luvion Prestige Touch 2 not only offers a very sharp image, even on it's large screen, but also almost every conceivable function and a wide reception range. The Prestige Touch 2 has a maximum range of 300 meters (measured in a open field), the maximum possible range for consumer electronics. Because of its wide range and wide functionality, this baby monitor is lauded by Mother & Baby Magazine (UK & Australia) and De Consumentenbond(Netherlands) as the very best video baby monitor you can get!


Always in the know about everything that happens in the baby room(s), wherever you are? It's possible with the Luvion Supreme Connect 2. Whether you're just at home or in the garden, at work or on a trip on the other side of the world. You can watch and listen to your baby anywhere via 4g or wifi with the free, secure app or at home on the large 5" screen of the monitor. On the Supreme Connect 2 you can connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously, these are all remotely controllable via the monitor and the app. This premium HD baby monitor provides constant comfort and reassurance, at home and on-the-go

The bold all-black version of the Luvion Icon Deluxe has all the features of the white edition and on top of that backlit buttons, making this baby monitor easy to use even completely in the dark. This premium baby monitor has crystal clear image and sound quality and truly all the thinkable handy features you want as a parent. On the large 5" color screen you can admire your baby both day and night. The Icon Deluxe Black Edition is expandable to 4 cameras.

With the Luvion Icon Deluxe White Edition, you can see and hear your baby through an absolutely secure private connection. This premium Luvion baby monitor also has all imaginable, convenient functions. VOX function, 4 soothing lullabies, talk back function, infrared night vision, it's all there. The Icon Deluxe has a large 5" color screen on which you can clearly see your little one, the Icon Deluxe White Edition is expandable to 4 cameras.

The Luvion Essential Plus is the improved edition of the best-sold baby monitor in the Netherlands. The reach has been extended from 250 to 300 meters in open field. The camera can be remotely controlled. The monitor is equipped with a stronger battery for longer use.

A beautiful new version of our best selling baby monitor. The Essential Limited Edition has a nice wooden print which makes it an even better fit in every modern baby room. This baby monitor has the same high-end quality and features as the original Essential, this includes the same wide range as the original version. The trendy Essential Limited is an asset to every baby room.

The black limited edition of the best-selling baby monitor in the Netherlands. This stylish, all-black baby monitor fits in every modern baby room. Of course, this Luvion baby monitor also has crystal clear image and sound quality and really all the features you can think of. This baby monitor from the 'Essential' line is expandable to 4 cameras, the cameras of the 'regular' Essential, the Essential Limited Edition and the Essential Limited Black Edition are interchangeable!

Our best-sold video baby monitor is very popular all through Europe, nowhere more so than in the Netherlands and Belgium where it's the absolute number one bestseller. Due to its price/quality ratio, long distance reach and a wide array of handy functions, the Essential has won many awards. In addition to this, the Essential baby monitor has also been best reviewed on multiple consumer websites.

The Luvion Platinum 3 has a nice compact 3.2" screen, large enough to display the images clearly and in sharp focus. The Platinum 3 also contains an excellent internal antenna for an optimal range both inside and around the house. Beside the good range, Platinum 3 also features all the functions you can expect every Luvion baby monitor to have such as VOX activation, talk back function and temperature display.

The Luvion Easy Plus is the bigger brother of the original Easy. The 2.4” screen is larger. You can connect up to 2 cameras on the Plus for a brother or sister and the reach is a little further, up to 300 meters.

The Luvion Easy does everything a baby monitor should be able to do, so all the necessary functions are there. This baby monitor ensures that you can get the high quality of a Luvion for a reasonable price. The Easy offers a wide reach allowing you to receive the camera images from both inside and closely around your house on your monitor.

Maximum reach

A standardized open field measurement is used to determine the reach of a baby monitor. Open field means that there are no restrictive factors. In a household objects such as walls and other signal will limit the reach. Even a long range video baby monitor such as our models will perform differently in each house. However much we would love to give you an exact answer on what reach you may expect in your home we cannot do so. On average though you may expect to be able to connect in and around the house.

Would you like to know what the limiting factors are for a baby monitor signal? Check out the bottom of this page for an explanation and tips on how to improve its reach.

Maximum reach

Should you require a greater reach, greater even to what the best regular video baby monitor could provide? In that case we advise choosing one of our smart baby monitor solutions with the added possibility to connect to your phone beside the regular monitor. Choosing a monitor with an additional connection via an app gives you ultimate freedom. You can watch and hear what happens in the nursery via a secured app on your smartphone or tablet, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. Check out our selection of smart video baby monitors with screen and app here.

Optimizing normal reach

The signal strength has been maximized legally to prevent interference between different signals in the area. You cannot change this signal strength. However, you can optimize the maximum reach you can get with it in your home, in the unlikely case the already optimized signal shouldn't reach your requirements.

Clearing the line between the camera and the monitor.

The camera and the monitor connect via a straight line. Make sure you have as little as possible objects that might disturb the signal. Think of large metal objects such as a refrigerator, mirrors, filing cabinets, metal fire doors or reinforced concrete. By making sure as few objects as possible are in between the camera and the monitor, the reach will greatly improve. Off course you can't just take out a ceiling or wall but maybe you can position camera and monitor in such a way that it only needs to pass through the ceilings and not through a wall and/or other objects as well.

Optimising the environment

Electronic devices might hinder the signal. Make sure to not place too much electronic equipment near the monitor or the camera. You can try switching them off to see the effect on your monitor, and if needed, consider placeing them in another location.

Signal disturbance

Other signals might interfere with the reach of your monitor. Think of a WI-FI, Bluetooth or a microwave signal. A baby monitor uses FHSS or DSSS technique to create a stable connection via the channels in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. To improve the reach you can (if necessary) fine-tune your WI-FI router to use a channel that is not being used by your baby monitor.

You can change this in the settings of your router. By clearing the channel for the monitor you can increase the reach of your baby monitor. Modern routers also allow blocking the use of the 2.4GHz network altogether using the 5GHz network for WI-FI, thus allowing for a better reach for your baby monitor and often an increased speed for your WI-FI connection as well.

Luvion baby monitors with long distance reach

These suggestions can help you to improve reach if needed. Luvion babymonitors are made to cover long distances, so we hope and expect you do not need to implement them. Any questions about how to improve reach in your home? Feel free to contact our customer service via phone: +31 15 219 03 05 or via e-mail: We are open during business hours (Mon-Fri 08:45 – 17.00 hrs.)