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If you are looking for a baby monitor with a long range, we recommend our Luvion Icon Long Range Baby Monitor. This PMR baby monitor has a range of up to 3000 meters under optimal conditions. This makes this model particularly suitable when you have to leave the house for a short time, for example to walk the dog. Even when you take it with you on holiday, the extra range provides more convenience. For example, if the little one is sleeping in the room, you can easily keep in touch anywhere in the vicinity.

Although optimizing the range is one of our first priorities with all our models, not every technique is the same, for example the technique used here is not suitable for video baby monitors or WiFi baby monitors. Here too, however, the range is always fully optimized and if you want to be able to use it indoors, you can assume that this is possible without any problems. In addition, with a WiFi baby monitor you can watch from anywhere via the app.


Icon Long Range

The Icon Long Range has a very long range up to 3000 meters

The Luvion Icon Long Range is the ideal baby monitor if you want to be able to use it at a great distance. With a range of up to about three kilometers you can quickly get out of the house and still hear everything, walk the dog or quickly pick up your other child(ren) from school without losing contact. Or use it on vacation when, for example, you go to eat something or sit in the lobby while your little one is sleeping in the room.

Indoor and Outdoor Range

A standardized open field measurement is used to determine the reach of a baby monitor. Open field means that there are no restrictive factors. In a household objects such as walls and other signal will limit the reach. Even a long range video baby monitor such as our models will perform differently in each house. However much we would love to give you an exact answer on what reach you may expect in your home we cannot do so. On average though you may expect to be able to connect in and around the house.

Would you like to know what the limiting factors are for a baby monitor signal? Check out the bottom of this page for an explanation and tips on how to improve its reach.

Maximum range

Is the range of a standard video or audio dect baby monitor insufficient? Then choose the special PMR baby monitor here on this page. Or take a baby monitor with camera and app. When you are at home you have the convenience of the special monitor and as soon as you get out of regular range, for example when you are walking the dog, you can use your phone or tablet anywhere in the world where you use 3/4G or Wifi. range, just view the images.

Optimizing normal reach

The signal strength has been maximized legally to prevent interference between different signals in the area. You cannot change this signal strength. However, you can optimize the maximum reach you can get with it in your home, in the unlikely case the already optimized signal shouldn't reach your requirements.

Clearing the line between the camera and the monitor.

The camera and the monitor connect via a straight line. Make sure you have as little as possible objects that might disturb the signal. Think of large metal objects such as a refrigerator, mirrors, filing cabinets, metal fire doors or reinforced concrete. By making sure as few objects as possible are in between the camera and the monitor, the reach will greatly improve. Off course you can't just take out a ceiling or wall but maybe you can position camera and monitor in such a way that it only needs to pass through the ceilings and not through a wall and/or other objects as well.

Optimising the environment

Electronic devices might hinder the signal. Make sure to not place too much electronic equipment near the monitor or the camera. You can try switching them off to see the effect on your monitor, and if needed, consider placeing them in another location.

Signal disturbance

Other signals might interfere with the reach of your monitor. Think of a WI-FI, Bluetooth or a microwave signal. A baby monitor uses FHSS or DSSS technique to create a stable connection via the channels in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. To improve the reach you can (if necessary) fine-tune your WI-FI router to use a channel that is not being used by your baby monitor.

You can change this in the settings of your router. By clearing the channel for the monitor you can increase the reach of your baby monitor. Modern routers also allow blocking the use of the 2.4GHz network altogether using the 5GHz network for WI-FI, thus allowing for a better reach for your baby monitor and often an increased speed for your WI-FI connection as well.

Luvion baby monitors with long distance reach

These suggestions can help you to improve reach if needed. Luvion babymonitors are made to cover long distances, so we hope and expect you do not need to implement them. Any questions about how to improve reach in your home? Feel free to contact our customer service via phone: +31 15 219 03 05 or via e-mail: We are open during business hours (Mon-Fri 08:45 – 17.00 hrs.)