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Do you always want to be able to hear clearly what is happening in the baby's room? Thanks to the High-Definition sound on our Icon Clear 70 Dect baby monitor, you will always have optimal sound. The connection is 100% interference-free and safely shielded. The baby monitor is also equipped with visual sound indication LEDs so that you can also be warned by the baby monitor when you turn off the sound or are in a noisy room.


In addition to pure sound, with the Icon Clear 70 you always have the safe feeling that you are sure that you are connected to the baby's room. Because of the out-of-range warning, you will be warned immediately if you come out of the range of the baby unit. And a low battery warning prevents the baby monitor from failing without you noticing.

Specifications Luvion Icon Clear 70

  • DECT technology ensures a 100% completely secure and interference-free connection
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Range up to 350m under optimal conditions
  • Adjustable volume
  • Mute function
  • Sound indicator - LED lights indicate the sound level in the baby's room.
  • Ultra long battery life, the parent unit can be used wirelessly for up to 18 hours