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Do you want to optimally hear what is happening in the baby's room? This is possible with the High-Definition sound on our Icon Clear 75 Pro! In addition to a safe, interference-free connection, you have many options with this model. This way you can reassure the baby from a distance and continuously monitor the temperature situation.


In addition to the high quality of the sound of the Icon Clear 75 Pro, it is also very comprehensive. You can speak back to the baby's room via the monitor, activate a beautiful starry sky in the baby's room, switch on a night light and play 18 different lullabies. In addition, you can see the temperature in the baby's room on the monitor so that you always know whether the temperature of the baby is okay. You can also use the monitor to alert you when the baby needs to be fed using the feeding timer on the monitor.

In addition to pure sound and extensive functionality, with the Icon Clear 75 you always have the safe feeling that you are sure that you are connected to the baby's room. Because of the out-of-range warning, you will be warned immediately if you come out of the range of the baby unit. And a low battery warning prevents the baby monitor from failing without you noticing.

Due to the efficient operation of the baby monitor, it also lasts around 24 hours without having to be recharged.

Specifications Luvion Icon Clear 75 Pro

  • DECT technology ensures a 100% completely secure and interference-free connection
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Range up to 350m under optimal conditions
  • Speak-back function
  • Temperature display
  • No less than 18 lullabies
  • Soothing night light
  • Star projector
  • Feed Timer
  • Adjustable volume
  • Mute function
  • Sound indicator - LED lights indicate the sound level in the baby's room.
  • Ultra long battery life, the parent unit can be used wirelessly for up to 24 hours