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Prestige Touch 3
Luvion Prestige Touch 2 Long range baby monitor


Prestige Touch 3
Prestige Touch 3


The Luvion Prestige Touch 3 is the baby monitor with the largest screen. The monitor is most like a tablet and thanks to the razor-sharp image you can always see your little one perfectly. This baby monitor is the updated and improved version of the Prestige Touch 2, which was tested as the best by the Dutch consumer association. The Prestige Touch 2 was very well received worldwide. For example, the renowned British Mother & Baby has named the Prestige Touch 2 as the best baby monitor in Great Britain and the Prestige Touch 2 was also nominated for the same title in Australia.


The Luvion Prestige Touch 3 is the video baby monitor with the largest screen, no less than 7 inches! As a result, the monitor is most similar to a tablet. Compared to its predecessor (the Prestige Touch 2), the processors for efficient and qualitative performance have been greatly improved, which ensures even better image quality, and even smoother and faster images. Thanks to the infrared night vision, the Prestige Touch 3 also has an excellent image in the dark. The range of this baby monitor has also been improved compared to the Prestige Touch 2.

The Prestige Touch 3 has a built-in quad function with split and triple screen options, so you can view 1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras at the same time. The cameras are equipped with a pan/tilt motor that allows you to control the camera remotely. Almost all conceivable other functions are present on the Prestige Touch 3, such as a micro-SD card recording option, lullabies, temperature display and temperature alarm, talkback function and a touch menu.

Specifications Luvion Prestige Touch 3

  • Encrypted signal ensures a 300% completely secure and interference-free connection
  • Data Lock Encoding prevents interference from, for example, wireless internet
  • Long range – up to 300m under optimal conditions
  • The monitor (parent unit) is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery
  • The camera can be controlled remotely and rotated and mounted in almost any direction, up to 4 cameras can be connected (sold separately)
  • Night vision up to 5 meters, night vision turns on automatically
  • Easy to adjust volume and sensitivity
  • VOX function activates the baby monitor with sound
  • Sound indication by LED lights
  • The images can be recorded on an SD card
  • Low battery warning
  • Out-of-range warning
  • ECO mode for less energy consumption
  • Talk-back function
  • Temperature display
  • Lullabies
  • Quad function
  • Developed in the Netherlands