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Are you going on a maternity visit soon, or to a baby shower? Of course you want to bring an original and fun maternity gift for the new parents and newborn baby. Suprise the new parents with a maternity gift from Luvion! Are you going for the Baby Memory Box to store the most beautiful memories? Or for a practical maternity gift? A baby costs a lot of money, a practical maternity gift is therefore often very welcome, a manicure set or a baby care set always comes in handy. And of course the Luvion Baby Monitors are also very nice to give as a baby shower gift!


Baby Memory Box

Maternity gifts

Baby care set

With this luxurious 9-piece care set you immediately have almost everything you need for the care of your baby.

Baby manicure set

With this 3-part high-quality Luvion baby manicure, little baby nails can be well cared for.

Keep the most beautiful memories of pregnancy and babyhood together forever, clearly and safely in this Baby Memory Box. This Memory box is really a nice gift for a pregnant or (newly) mother, something that you will enjoy for a lifetime. It is not only nice to give but of course also nice to buy for yourself! Fill the Baby Memory Box during pregnancy with the first ultrasounds, beautiful cards, small gifts or other souvenirs of this special time. After giving birth you can collect all the loose baby items you would like to keep in this box.

With this luxurious 9-piece care set you immediatelyhave almost everything you need for the care of your baby. The baby comb has safe rounded heads that protect the delicate scalp. The soft brush is immediately suitable for the youngest. With the handy nose pear / nose pump you quickly free the nose from the mucus present. The baby nail scissors have safe rounded tips. With the nippers and the files you can take good care of the nails. With the handy finger toothbrush you can easily brush the first baby teeth.


With the 3-piece baby manicure set you have everything you need to take care of baby's nails in one go. The set consists of a file, a special pair of baby scissors with a rounded tip and a small pair of nippers.