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Luvion Smart Optics Mini – Black Edition


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Luvion Smart Optics Mini Black Edition HD Wifi Camera

With the Luvion Smart Optics Mini Black Edition, you can access the baby’s room anywhere, anytime via your smartphone. For example, when you are away for a night and the little one is with the babysitter? You can easily and quickly check the app to see if everything is going well.

User friendly easy to install app

You connect the Full HD smart optics mini camera easily and quickly via the instructions to your network and then you have direct access! The connection is of course 100% safe thanks to various protections, including the safe protection of the connection using a password and the complete encryption of the images. These images cannot be viewed without your password and the smartphone(s) you have linked yourself. So you always decide who has access to the images!

Extended functionality

The Smart Optics Mini has all the necessary baby monitor functions, so you can set push notifications to be warned of sound and/or movement. So you always know when you need to take a look and you don’t have to keep the app active all the time. Of course you can continue watching! Furthermore, the conditions in the nursery are continuously monitored via sensors. This gives you insight into the humidity and temperature in the room.

In addition to the monitoring functions, the camera also has useful extra functions such as a talk-back function to reassure your little one remotely via the camera. Easy for you but often also calmer for the baby. Finally, the images can also be recorded, so if he/she is laughing or playing in bed, you can easily record this for later!

Perfect image quality

Thanks to the Full HD camera lens, you always have a perfect picture from the baby’s room. Even at night, thanks to the excellent infrared night vision, a perfect image is guaranteed. Moreover, everything will always be displayed in the best quality on your own screens via the app. So no extra screens, but via the Smartlife app for Android and iOS, just on your own smartphone or tablet. If you still have an ‘old’ iOS or Android device, you can use it as your own dedicated monitor for your Smart Optics camera(s).

Always and everywhere within range

If your baby monitor is connected to your network, you have the option to connect via the app anywhere in the house, but also outside via 4G, 5G or other WiFi networks. This way you can always watch wherever and whenever you want.

Specifications Luvion Smart Optics Mini

  • HD picture and sound
  • Reach all over the world
  • 100% safe app for Android and iOS, free to download from the Appstore (iOS Apple) and Google Playstore (Android)
  • View on multiple screens simultaneously*
  • Connecting multiple cameras possible
  • View 2 cameras in split screen **
  • Push notifications alert you to sound
  • Talkback function to reassure the little one via the app
  • Automatically controlled infrared night vision
  • Recording function to capture fun moments via the app
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Developed in the Netherlands

* Via one (shared) smartlife account
** Second camera not included

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