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Are you looking for a 2 camera baby monitor to connect more than one camera for brothers or sisters? You can connect up to 2 cameras with the Luvion Easy Plus, also making it a perfect choice baby monitor for twins. More kids? No problem! With the Luvion Essential, Essential Limited Edition, Essential Plus, Supreme Connect, Prestige Touch 2 and Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus you may connect up to 4 different cameras for perfect viewing.

So how does it work when you want to use one monitor with 2 or more cameras? Each model has a different way of monitoring with multiples cameras; such as split screen, rotating or automatic image activation via the VOX function. More information may be found at the bottom of this page.


Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus

The Plus version of the Grand Elite 3 Connect allows to connect multiple cameras

Prestige Touch 2

HD video baby monitor equipped with a 7" screen, best tested by Mother & Baby Magazine

Supreme Connect

Premium baby phone with camera and app

Essential Plus

The Plus version of the Essential has a remotely controlled camera

Essential Limited Edition

Wooden print Essential Limited Edition


Best-sold and reviewed video baby monitor in the Netherlands

Easy Plus

The Plus version of the Easy allows connecting multiple cameras

The Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus allows you to connect 4 cameras simultaneously. You can watch the images from all four cameras on the parent unit, or via the Luvion Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. Handy if you are the parent of a big family! The baby monitor is equipped with a large 5” screen and crisp LCD touchscreen. Long distance reach is a given thanks to the LLHR technology. The ten(!) lullabies can help your babies fall asleep.

The Luvion Prestige Touch 2 is the ideal multi room baby monitor to use with multiple cameras. The large 7" HR screen allows you to view 2, 3 or 4 cameras simultaneously with ease without the images becoming very small and/or unclear. So you can simply view all images at once with ease or use the switch or sound activation options for optimal use with multiple cameras. The Luvion Prestige Touch 2 has been tested as the very best video monitor you can get by among others the British Magazine Mother & Baby!

There is no baby monitor with more functionalities than the Luvion Supreme Connect. Of course you can connect multiple cameras. Images may be watched via the quad screen or a rotation system. In addition to this you can activate a automatic audio activation(VOX) mode.

You can connect up to 4 cameras to the Luvion Essential Plus. You can rotate the images manually or via an automated switching system. VOX audio activation is another option, when monitoring more than one room.

The Essential Limited allows you to connect up to 4 cameras, with the same quality and functionalities as the original Essential edition. You can monitor the rooms via the VOX function and a rotation system.

The best-sold video baby monitor in the Netherlands is this Luvion Essential. Due to its price/quality ratio, long distance reach and wide array of functionalities, the Essential has won many awards from prestigious magazines as well as consumers. The Essential is a very complete monitor, it connects up to 4 cameras and has talk back function, lullabies and temperature display.

The Luvion Easy is a budget friendly monitor. With this Plus version you now even have the option to connect an extra camera. By using Smart VOX function the monitor works very well with 2 cameras, creating a perfect 2 camera baby monitor solution for a very competitive price!

So how does a 2 camera baby monitor work compared to when you only connect one camera? How do we make sure you can easily use one monitor for multiple baby rooms? Different models can have different ways of monitoring with multiple cameras; such as split screen, rotating between connected cameras or automatic image activation via the VOX function. More information may be found at the bottom of this page.

Using a baby monitor with 2 cameras

Obviously you want to be alerted when one of the children wakes up. Luvion has implemented various ways of monitoring multiple rooms, check out the options below.

Automatic Image Rotation

All models that allow connecting more than one camera have the option to rotate between the images automatically. Every few seconds the image and sound will alternate between the connected cameras for an overview of the rooms you are monitoring. You can always override and choose which camera you want to look at manually.

Automatic image activation

All models are equipped with VOX: Voice Operated Activation. The screen is dark and will switch on when sound is detected. Luvion Smart VOX function is used when monitoring multiple cameras. The parent unit will switch on and show the room where sounds are registered.

Split-, Triple and Quad screen split

The Supreme Connect and the Prestige Touch 2 are equipped with a split screen option, meaning you can see multiple rooms at the same time. The Supreme Connect is designed as a 4-way screen, meaning you can monitor 4 cameras simultaneously. When you connect just 2 or 3 cameras, the monitor will show 1 or 2 blank squares. The Prestige Touch 2 is a little more sophisticated; the split screen is fully adaptable to the number of cameras you have connected!

Extra cameras for older models

Our older Prestige Touch, Grand Elite and Platinum 2 baby monitors all had the option to connect multiple cameras as well. Are you looking for additional cameras for these models? Check out this page!

Still in doubt about what's the best baby monitor for you?

Check out our comparison overview page for a better insight into the differences between all our models! For personal advice, feel free to contact our customer service via phone: +31 15 219 03 05 or via e-mail: We are open during business hours (Mon-Frid 08:45 – 17.00 hrs.)