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Here you will find a selection of accessories to be combined with preceding Luvion models. You can order additional cameras or spare parts for the Luvion Grand Elite 1 and 2, the Platinum 1 & 2 and the Prestige Touch 1. All these models connect op to four cameras. Looking to buy a complete set? Check out our current models here!


Supreme Connect

Spare parts for the Supreme Connect

Grand Elite

Check out the spare parts for this former Luvion bestseller here

Grand Elite 2

Spare parts for the Grand Elite 2

Prestige Touch

Spare parts for the Prestige Touch with the XXL screen

Platinum 2

Spare parts for the Platinum 2


Spare parts for the Platinum, the very first video baby monitor in the market

The Luvion Supreme Connect is absolutely unique, the Supreme Connect was the first and only model in the world with an external smartphone bridge. At 4.3", you also get a nice size screen for a perfectly clear image while still keeping it reasonably handy and portable. The SD card recording function, a night light inside the camera that can be controlled via the monitor and a quad function to be able to view multiple cameras simultaneously make this the most comprehensive baby monitor you can think of! The Supreme Connect has been succeeded by the Supreme Connect 2.


The Luvion Grande Elite was the absolute bestseller among the Luvion baby monitors of it's time. A beautiful and trendy design, a large screen and many functionalities. These are the reasons that this baby monitor was regularly chosen as the best baby monitor in the Netherlands. However, currently there are newer and even more extensive models available, the Grand Elite has been succeeded by a second and current third version, the Grand Elite 3 Connect. Do you still have a Grand Elite and do you need separate parts, here you will find all still available parts and accessories.

The Luvion Grand Elite 2 is the successor of the Grand Elite, and the predecessor of the current Grand Elite 3 Connect. The Grand Elite 2 had functionalities such as talk back function, pan/tilt camera function and additional optical lenses. Below you may find the available component parts for the Grand Elite 2.

The Luvion Prestige Touch is the largest baby monitor in the Luvion range, this impressive baby monitor with a large screen of no less than 7 inches almost looks like a tablet. This Prestige Touch ECO is not only extremely impressive in size but also in functionality, it has for example a quad function for viewing 4 cameras simultaneously and a touch menu. Of course, further equipped with all conceivable functionalities. This model has since been followed up by the improved Prestige Touch 2. Here you can find the still available parts for the original Luvion Prestige Touch.

The Luvion Platinum 2 had more functions than its Platinum predecessor, was equipped with a new camera and had more battery power. The Luvion Platinum offered all functionalities parents might want in a babymonitor. Currently the model has been replaced by the newer Platinum 3.

Should you like to order spare parts for the Platinum 2, check out our selection.

The Platinum was the very first video baby monitor on the market, a great innovation for all parents. This model has become obsolete and has been replaced by newer models with even more possibilities. Here you can find the still available parts for the old Platinum.