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> Best video baby monitor 2020

The best according to 'the Consumentbond'

The bright white Luvion Prestige Touch 2 baby monitor has been voted the best video baby monitor 2020 by the consumer association. It is not the first time that this baby monitor has won an award; in Australia, the UK and Poland, among others, this baby monitor has already been recognized with nominations or prizes. The video baby monitor has been tested by the consumer association for image and sound quality, ease of use and versatility. This is the first time that the consumer association has carried out a separate test for the increasingly popular video baby monitors.

Solid scores in the test

The Prestige Touch 2 video baby monitor stands out because of its good scores across the board. Both the sound quality and the image quality are rated very positively with a 7.7. In addition, the Consumers' Association is very pleased with the ease of use they rated with a 7.5. In comparison with other baby monitors, these are top marks.

No wonder the Prestige Touch 2 was elected best baby video monitor by the Dutch Consumer Association for three years in a row. The model is equipped with an impressive 7 inch high-resolution display for more advanced viewing, including infrared night vision up to 5 meters. Split screen functionality allows you to view up to 4 cameras on a single screen. Remote controlled pan and tilt camera functions and zoom technology for improved coverage. Video and images may be recorded onto an SD card to collect those special moments. Digital technology makes for interference-free reach of 300 meters in open field.

Testoordeel Geluidskwaliteit Prestige Touch 2 Consumentenbond
Testoordeel Gebruiksgemak Prestige Touch 2
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