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Bear Sleep Trainer


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Bear sleep trainer with nightlight

Our Bear sleep trainer is ideal for teaching your little one early on when it’s not yet time to get up out of bed. You do this by setting the sleep trainer function to the desired time. The light will then light up half an hour before the set time (yellow) to indicate that it is almost time to get up, during this half hour the light will get brighter as it gets closer to the wake up time. At the set time, the color changes to green to indicate to your child he can get out of bed if he/she is awake.

Because only a light comes on when it is time to get up, your child will never be woken up by this, the last thing you want is for them to be awakened earlier when they choose to sleep in. If they need to be woken up, you can of course just do that yourself!

For setting the alarm clock (and for the older children), the time can be displayed on the LCD display. This clock switches off automatically to save energy making the penguins batteries last longer without having to recharge. When the penguin is touched, the time display will be reactivated automatically. A handy lock function prevents the little one from accidentally changing the set wake-up time.

In addition, the Bear contains a night light, nice and handy to use as a night light when going to bed in the evening. Because it is made of soft touch silicone, it can be used by the little one at his bed. The touch control of the night light is easy to learn so that the night light can quickly be used by the little ones themselves.

Our Bear sleep trainer is therefore not only useful for mom and dad to improve the sleeping rhythm of the little one. It is also a nice bed toy / friend for the little one.


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