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All parents know that the sleeping rhythm of children is different from ours, this is partly because small children do not know when it's time to wake up. As soon as they wake up, they feel it's time to get up. With our sleep trainers, you can learn them in a fun way when they should get out of bed. Once they are able to understand a simple explanation, you can start using the sleep trainers.



With our Pinguin sleep trainer your child learns a good sleeping rhythm in a fun way


The Bear sleep trainer is a great 'friend' for your little one to teach him/her a good sleep rhythm

The Pinguin sleep trainer has a digital clock with an 'alarm clock' that can be set to the time your child is allowed to get out of bed. From thirty minutes before the set time, the penguin will 'wake up' to indicate to the little one that it is almost time to get out of bed. The light in the sleep trainer will keep getting brighter for the next thirty minutes and turn green after the thirty minutes are up to indicate that the little one can get out of bed. The light will remain green until you turn it off. The sleep trainer will therefore not wake your child when you are lucky enough for him/her to sleep a little longer sometimes!

Similar to our Penguin, the bear is also an ideal friend for your little one to help develop a good sleeping rhythm. The bear contains exactly the same functionality as the penguin. Set the alarm for the time when the little one can get out of bed and the sleep trainer will turn green at this time. In the half hour before the light turns green, the light will switch on to make it clear that the little one has to lie down for a while. Or agree that these can be used for 30 minutes to play in your own room.

How does a sleep trainer work

The principle of a sleep trainer is always the same, you set the time when your child can get out of his or her bed. When you switch on the sleep trainer, it will then do something (for example, switch on a light) to let your child know that he/she can get out of bed. Some sleep trainers also build up to this so that the child also knows when it is almost time to get up. You can use this time, for example, when the child is a bit older to indicate that it is OK to get out of bed to play by themselves, but it is not yet time to wake up mom and dad.

Teach your child a good sleeping rhythm

By using a sleep trainer you can teach your child a good sleeping rhythm, even when the days become shorter in winter or longer in summer, the sleeptrainer makes it clear when they can get out of bed. Especially children who are very sensitive to light can learn this way to stay in bed a little longer.

Also during the transition to winter time, a sleep trainer is a good help in adapting the day and night rhythm to the new time.

From what age can you use a sleep trainer?

You can use a sleep trainer from the moment the child is able to understand your explanation, when exactly this is can differ from child to child. In most cases, this will be somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd birthday.