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Find your perfect baby monitor below! Video baby monitoring is the core business of our company. We are a strong advocate of monitoring your baby with both sound and HD vision.

Designing the best baby video monitors has been our specialization, ever since the day we founded the Luvion Premium brand.

Over the years we have designed a number of award winning models. Our obsessive focus is to design the best video baby monitors incorporating the latest technologies. It’s all about functionality, a great price/quality ratio and making life with a baby at home just a little easier. We know how special is it to watch over your newborn sleeping in its crib. Some of our models have a slot for memory cards to record those special moments for later!


Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus

Premium HD Luvion Baby monitor with camera and app

Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus

Premium HD Luvion Baby monitor with camera and app

Grand Elite 3 Connect

Premium HD Luvion Baby monitor with camera and app

Prestige Touch 2

HD video baby monitor equipped with a 7" screen, best tested by Mother & Baby Magazine

Supreme Connect 2

Premium babyphone with camera and app

Icon Deluxe Black Edition

HR baby monitor with 5" screen

Icon Deluxe White Edition

HR baby monitor with 5" screen

Essential Plus

The Plus version of the Essential has a remotely controlled pan and tilt camera

Essential Limited Black Edition

All-black Limited Edition of the Essential

Essential Limited Edition

Wooden print Limited Edition version of the Essential


Number 1 rated and sold video baby monitor of the Netherlands

Platinum 3

No nonsense baby monitor with camera, VOX function and 3.2" screen

Easy Plus

Multiple cameras may be connected with the Luvion Easy Plus edition


The user friendly, no nonsense video baby monitor

The Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus Black WiFi baby monitor is the black version of the Plus model and the big brother of the Grand Elite 3 Connect. Thanks to the sleek black design, this baby monitor will not look out of place in any (baby) room. You can connect up to 4 cameras to this baby monitor for brothers and sisters (on the monitor and on the app). This baby monitor has a clear LCD touchscreen of no less than 5 inches and 10 high-quality lullabies. You can view the images from the camera on the dedicated monitor AND anywhere in the world with the Luvion Connect App on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the special LLHR technology, you will also have excellent coverage everywhere in the house.

The Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus is the big brother of the Grand Elite 3 Connect. Four cameras may be connected for multiple brothers or sisters, both on the monitor and through the app. Equipped with a 5” crisp LCD touchscreen. You can play 10 lovely lullabies for your newborn. By connecting the camera to an app on your mobile device, you get to see your darling from wherever in the world you might be.

Hearing and seeing your baby clearly, wherever you want? With this premium HD baby monitor with app from Luvion you can do just that. Whether you're having a drink with neighbours or friends, are on holiday, at work, or anywhere else, you can watch and listen to your baby via the free Luvion Connect app. Very nice and handy of course. It gives you the freedom to leave your baby at the babysitter's without worries, because you can always see exactly how your baby is doing. With this video baby monitor you are always guaranteed to have a good connection both at home and on the road!

The Luvion Prestige Touch 2 has been tested and proven. The monitor won various awards over the years, such as by the British Mother & Baby (best babymonitor in 2017), the Dutch Consumers Association (Best babymonitor) and nominated as the best babymonitor in Australia. The Prestige Touch 2 is equipped with an impressive 7” inch screen.

Anywhere a secure private connection with your baby? With the Luvion Supreme Connect 2 it's possible. Whether you're just downstairs or in the garden, at work or on a far away journey, your can watch and listen to your baby everywhere via the secure free app. The Supreme Connect 2 allows you to connect up to 4 cameras at the same time. Enjoy your sleeping baby on the extra large crystal clear 5" LCD touch screen. This premium HD baby monitor constantly provides overall comfort and reassurance, at home and on-the-go.

The bold all-black version of the Luvion Icon Deluxe has all the features of the white edition and on top of that backlit buttons, making this baby monitor easy to use even in the dark. Of course, this Luvion has crystal clear image and sound quality and truly all the thinkable handy features you want as a parent. On the large 5" color screen you can admire your baby both day and night. The Icon Deluxe Black Edition is expandable to 4 cameras.

With the Luvion Icon Deluxe White Edition, you can see and hear your little miracle through an absolutely secure private connection with your baby. Of course, this Luvion baby monitor also has all imaginable, convenient functions. VOX function, 4 soothing lullabies, talk back function, infrared night vision, it's all there. The Icon Deluxe has a large 5" color screen on which you can clearly see your little one, also the temperature of the baby's room is displayed in this screen. The Icon Deluxe White Edition is expandable to 4 cameras.

The Luvion Essential Plus is a great addition to the Essential line, which is Luvion’s absolute bestseller. Equipped with all the functionalities of the regular Essential monitor, the Plus edition takes it one step further with a remotely controlled pan and tilt camera and a more potent battery for longer use.

Our best-selling baby monitor is now available in a beautiful limited edition. This wooden print fits perfectly into any modern baby room because of its natural look and feel. Of course it has the same crystal clear image and sound quality and broad functionality as the original. Through its wooden design, this baby monitor symbolizes our beautiful earth and creates a warm and at the same time trendy look that can be combined with almost any style.

The all-black limited edition of the best-selling baby monitor in the Netherlands. This bold, all-black baby monitor fits in every modern baby room. Of course, this Luvion baby monitor also has crystal clear image and sound quality and really all the features you can think of. This baby monitor from the 'Essential' line is expandable to 4 cameras, the cameras of the 'regular' Essential, the Essential Limited Edition and the Essential Limited Black Edition are interchangeable!

Characteristic for the Luvion Essential is the excellent price/quality ratio. Leading parenting magazine Kek Mama awarded this design the best baby monitor and consumers review website rates this the best video monitor in the Netherlands. The monitor was nominated for the consumer award by parenting authority Ouders van Nu! The colour screen of the pearly white baby monitor is a whopping 3.5”. An array of functionalities such as talk-back function, lullabies and temperature display makes for a very complete design.

The Luvion PLATINUM 3 can do everything a baby monitor should be able to do and brings it to a nice size 3.2 inch screen. So a clear image and sound are certainly guaranteed with the Platinum 3. Furthermore, it is equipped with all the necessary functions you really need as a parent - VOX sound activation function, 2-way talk back and temperature display, it's all there. The Platinum 3 is certainly a worthy successor to the popular Platinum 2.


The Luvion Easy Plus has the option to connect a second camera. With the Luvion Smart VOX you always get to see the relevant camera. The 2.4” screen is larger than the regular Easy edition, and the battery has a larger capacity. All other Easy options are included, such as the talkback function and temperature display.

The Luvion Easy is a user-friendly, no-nonsense video baby monitor offering complete peace of mind. All essential features are incorporated into this baby monitor to ensure that it delivers the same top-class performance you have come to expect from Luvion. This compact but very complete baby monitor works intuitively, is ready to use within a minute and is very easy to use.

Over the years we have designed a number of award winning models. Luvion is known for making the best baby monitors in the business.

Our obsessive focus is to design the best video baby monitors incorporating the latest technologies. It’s all about functionality, a great price/quality ratio and making life with a baby at home just a little easier. We know how special is it to watch over your newborn sleeping in its crib. Some of our models have a slot for memory cards to record those special moments for later!

Why should I buy a video baby monitor?

What are the benefits of a video baby monitor? In addition to the clearest sounds, video images give a new parent a great indication of when to go in the nursery or not. Is your baby almost falling asleep and would you disturb that when opening the door? Is he or she happily playing in the crib? To see what is going on has many benefits; parents can act more adequately to the given situation. You can easily check-in to see if the baby is still warmly tucked in under the blanket, with its face uncovered. Let's not forget, it is also really fun to see your little darling relax in its crib.

What can I expect from a video baby monitor?

Each Luvion video baby monitor has a basic set of functionalities. Expect crystal clear vision and sounds, both during the day and night. Each camera is equipped with infrared lights for clear night vision. Crisp audio, temperature display and 2-way talkback functions are installed in all our baby monitors. Off course there are differences between our models, so what are important choices you have when buying a baby monitor: screen size, reach, app, pan/tilt camera, zoom, automatic image activation, recording options, touch screen, lullabies and a night light.

Why should I buy a Luvion Baby Monitor?

We are Europe’s market leader and specialist when it comes to video baby monitors. When we started our company in 2005 we were the first company to design a baby monitor with a camera. As an expert in the video monitoring field we have been implementing market insights and latest technological developments in our products ever since. Our core business is video monitoring, and consumers all over the world have been enjoying our qualitative products to watch over their precious offspring. Our focus has been paying off; our monitors have won many awards these last 15 years. For an overview of these awards, check out this page.

All our baby cameras are of a very high quality and designed to monitor one, two, three of four children. It really does not matter whether you purchase the most expensive or the more budget friendly option in the Luvion family; expect high quality visuals and sounds, both day and night.

So what is the difference? Why should I get a Luvion baby camera over a competing brand? First of all, we only use high quality material. Secondly; we offer an extensive array of options such as different screen sizes and lots of differing camera and monitor options. Below we have compiled a list of functionalities, for easy comparison between our different models please also check our comparison page.

Screen size

First of all you get to choose what size parent unit is best for your family. The entry model has a sharp 2” screen. Other screen sizes are 2.4", 3.2", 3.5”, 4.3” and 5". Our biggest monitor even has a whopping 7” tablet-like display. To ensure high image quality (amount of pixels per inch) across the board we have designed different cameras to go with the larger monitors in our collection, as bigger screens require better camera lenses.

The cameras that we have designed for the WI-FI babymonitors are so powerful that HD quality (1080p) is transmitted to mobile devices such as tablets, when using the app function. Resulting in incredible sharp imagery, both day and night!


All our models have a long-distance range between the camera and the parent unit. At Luvion we have invested into optimising the range for ultimate freedom when monitoring your baby in and around the house. Should you like to venture further than the maximum distance between the camera and the parent unit, a WI-FI monitor might be just the product for you. For an overview of the range differences between the models, please click here.

Smart wifi baby monitor

Looking to monitor away from home? For this purpose we have designed dual mode baby monitors that also allow you to connect your mobile device to the camera via the Luvion Connect App. The connection is 100% interference free and private. More information about our video monitors with screen and app is found here.

Multiple cameras

Video baby monitors often connect more than 1 camera. Luvion offers multiple baby camera that can connect 2 or even 4 cameras for easy viewing. More information about Luvion monitors with the option to connect more cameras can be found here.

Remote Pan/Tilt camera with or without zoom function.

Our broad camera lenses capture a large area of the nursery. Should you like to monitor a larger area, eg when you have 2 kids in one room or your toddler is moving about, you might want to consider a remote pan/tilt camera. The parent unit allows you to pan and tilt the camera to focus on the area you want to monitor. Some of our models offer an additional zoom function in addition to a remotely controlled pan/tilt camera.

Automatic sound activation

At night when your baby is sleeping, VOX function allows you to switch off the screen so you can get some rest as well. The Voice Operated Activation means that the monitoring screen will automatically light up when sounds are detected, such as the baby crying. The audio threshold can be determined on the parent unit. To use the VOX function with multiple cameras we have designed the Luvion Smart Vox® technology.

Recording Visuals and Audio

Create memories for later! Some of our monitors have a slot for a SD Memory Card so you can record those precious moments.

Touch Screen

The intuitive interface design of all Luvion products is easy to use, mostly via buttons on the camera and the parent unit. However, our newest Grand Elite 3 Connect models are equipped with a touchscreen panel.

Soothing your baby via de camera

All Luvion models are equipped with a talk back function, allowing you to talk or sing to your baby from a distance. Some of our baby monitors are designed with remotely controlled lullabies or a nightlight, ideal to help your child to fall asleep!

How to choose the perfect baby monitor?

There are so many options, so we’d love to help you in making the right choice for you. Via our comparison overview you can review our models easily. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. Call us via +31 15 219 03 05 or mail us:

We are open during business hours (Mon-Fri 08:45 – 17.00 hrs.)