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Luvion powerbank connection cable


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Luvion USB Powerbank connection cable

The ideal solution if you want to be able use the camera (or monitor) temporarily in places where there is no power outlet available. With this USB adapter cable you can easily connect a power bank to the camera (or monitor)!

How long you can use the baby monitor on a power bank depends on the type of baby monitor and the capacity of the power bank. On average you can assume about 1 hour use per 600mAh, the exact duration depends on the type of camera, how you use the camera and environmental factors. On a small powerbank of around 5000mAh you can use the camera at full load for about 8 hours, with an average 10000mAh powerbank this is about twice (+-16 hours) as long and a fully loaded big 20000mAh powerbank even four times as long (+- 32 hours).

This charging cable is suitable for:

New models:

The Luvion Essential Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Essential Limited Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Essential Plus Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Supreme Connect Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Prestige Touch 2 Camera

The Luvion Grand Elite 3 Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Grand Elite 3 Plus Camera & Monitor

Old models:

The Luvion Grand Elite(1) Camera & Monitor

The Luvion Grand Elite 2 Camera

The Luvion Platinum 2 Camera & Monitor

The Prestige Touch(1) Camera

Attention! For normal home use, we recommend simply connecting the camera to the mains power supply. Connecting to a power bank is only useful for occasional use in places where there are no sockets available.

When the Luvion Powerbank for Essential, Essential Limited, Essential Plus, Supreme Connect, Prestige Touch 2, Grand Elite 3 Connect or Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus is ordered, a connection cable is already included!

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