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Luvion baby monitors are consistent in quality and cover all functionalities parents expect from a premium video baby monitor. The product range consists of various models, each with its own functionality and size. To compare the different models check out the overview below.

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All our models are equipped with a good selection of basic functionalities. These are the standard Luvion functionalities you may expect in all of our monitors:

Digital HD image quality

Digital Sound quality

Night Vision

100% Interference free signal

ECO / VOX function; the baby monitor only switches on when sound is detected

Room temperature Display

Empty battery indication

Out of reach alarm

Our monitors can be classified into three categories. The budget friendly options have all of the functionalities mentioned above. The Essential models are equipped with several extra handy features. The Premium monitors offer even more unique functionalities. Check out the overview below for a handy comparison between our monitors.


Our budget friendly models are the Luvion Easy, Easy Plus, Platinum 3 and Platinum 4. They all offer great value for money with their sturdy design, image and sound quality and all basic necessities.


The user-friendly, no nonsense baby monitor with camera

Easy Plus

The Plus version of the Easy allows connecting an extra camera

Platinum 3

No nonsense baby monitor with camera, VOX function and 3.2" screen

Platinum 3 Black Edition

All-black limited edition of the Platinum 3

Platinum X

No nonsense baby monitor with camera, VOX function, lullabies and 3.2" screen

Platinum 4

No nonsense baby monitor with camera, VOX function, lullabies and 2.7" screen

Our most budget friendly model still has everything you really need, most importantly the interference-free connection with perfectly clear image and sound both day and night on a compact 2" colour monitor. Your user experience will also be aided by room the temperature display so you can always see if it's not too hot or too cold in the baby's room; 2-way talkback function to reassure the little one when needed and an ECO / VOX mode allowing you to 'turn off' the monitor, when using this the monitor will automatically turn back on when sound is registered, for example when the little one is crying or chatting to himself. In short, the Easy offers many functions for a very competitive price. So if you are looking for a cheap and / or compact baby monitor with camera, we advise you to buy a Luvion Easy baby monitor.

The Luvion Easy Plus has a larger screen than the original Plus version. The monitor also allows connecting a second camera for a new member in the family. Great, as this option is normally only found in much more expensive baby monitors. It is much more convenient to monitor two rooms with one monitor and using just one signal prevents interference. So look no further if you are interested in a budget-friendly compact video monitor with the option to connect 2 cameras!

The Luvion Platinum 3 is the big brother of the Easy and the Easy Plus and combines all the basic functions with a larger 3.2" screen. The larger screen allows you to see everything even better. Because the screen makes optimal use of the entire baby monitor surface, the compact size of the Easy models still remains. If you want a competitively priced, compact baby monitor with a larger screen, we recommend purchasing the Platinum 3 baby monitor.
Please note that the Platinum 3, just like the Easy, cannot be extended to connect more than one camera. If, in addition to a larger screen, expandability is also important to you, we advise you to switch to the Essential models. This will also automatically give you a number of handy extra features as well.

The all-black limited edition of the Luvion PLATINUM 3. This sturdy but stylish all-black baby monitor has a crystal clear 3.2 inch screen. The Platinum 3 Black Edition looks great in every nursery and is equipped with all the necessary options that you really need as a parent - including VOX sound activation, a talk-back option and temperature display. A more than worthy successor to the popular Platinum 2

The all-black Platinum X looks great in any (modern) baby room. The Platinum X is equipped with all the options you really need as a parent. This stylish baby monitor is equipped with a crystal clear 3.2 inch screen, a VOX sound activation function, talk-back option, room temperature display, night vision, a handy dimmable night light and no less than 8 lullabies.

The Luvion PLATINUM 4 is the latest addition to the Luvion Platinum family. This beautiful video baby monitor is equipped with all the necessary functions. Everything you really need as a parent - a handy VOX activation function, talk-back function and 5 soothing lullabies. You can also see everything razor-sharp on the the bright 2.7" color screen, and with the highly sensitive microphone built into the camera, you can always hear the little one perfectly through the speaker of the monitor.


The Essential monitors are equipped with a 3.5” screen and multiple handy extra functionalities.


The best-sold and best-reviewed video baby monitor in the Netherlands

Essential Limited Edition

Wooden print Essential Limited Edition

Essential Black Edition

All-black Limited Edition of the Essential

Essential Plus

The Plus version of the Essential is equipped with a remotely controlled Pan/Tilt camera

The Luvion Essential is a very complete video baby monitor. Equipped with a 3.5” screen it connects up to 4 cameras. Via the monitor you can play lullabies in the nursery or talk to your baby via the camera. It's equipped with a crisp audio system in addition to sound indication via led lights on the parent unit. The camera has a zoom function. This model has won many industry-awards, and is consistently reviewed positively by its users. Leading dutch online retailers such as (4.4/5 stars with 1000+ reviews), Coolblue (4.5/5 stars with 300+ reviews) and customer review platform Kieskeurig (8.2/10) are all consistantly rating this model very highly as well.

The Luvion Essential, the best-selling baby monitor in the Netherlands, is now also available in a special Limited Edition. This special edition features a beautiful wooden finish that fits perfectly in any modern baby room. The same extensive functionality as the original is now available in a unique and very different design. If this special design appeals to you, we advise you to choose the Essential Limited Baby Monitor.

The black limited edition of the best-selling baby monitor in the Netherlands. This stylish, all-black baby monitor fits in every (modern) baby room. Of course, this Luvion baby monitor also has crystal clear image and sound quality and really all the features you can think of. This baby monitor from the 'Essential' line is expandable to 4 cameras, the cameras of the 'regular' Essential, the Essential Limited Edition and the Essential Limited Black Edition are interchangeable, mix & match!

The Luvion Essential Plus possesses additional features, such as the remotely controlled Pan/Tilt Camera, allowing you to change the viewing position of the camera for optimal monitoring. Combined with the digital zoom function this gives you ultimate control of the area you are monitoring. The Plus version also boasts a larger battery than the regular Essential model, and the distance between the monitor and the camera has been optimized as well. Look no further if you are keen on using a comprehensive 3.5-inch video baby monitor without a WI-FI connection.


The Icon Deluxe models are positioned between the 'Essential' and the 'Premium' models. The Icon Deluxe baby monitors are equipped with a big 5" LCD screen and up to 4 cameras can be connected to the monitor.

Icon Deluxe Black Edition

HR baby monitor met 5" screen

Icon Deluxe White Edition

HR baby monitor with 5" screen

With the Luvion Icon Deluxe White Edition, you can see and hear your baby through an absolutely secure private connection. This Luvion baby monitor has all imaginable, convenient functions; VOX function, 4 soothing lullabies, talk back function, infrared night vision, it's all there. The Icon Deluxe has a large 5" color screen on which you can clearly see your little one. The Icon Deluxe White Edition is expandable up to 4 cameras.

The bold all-black version of the Luvion Icon Deluxe has all the features of the white edition and on top of that backlit buttons, making this baby monitor easy to use even in the dark. Of course, this Luvion has crystal clear image and sound quality and truly all the thinkable handy features you want as a parent. On the large 5" color screen you can admire your baby both day and night. The Icon Deluxe Black Edition can be connected to up to 4 cameras.


Below you will find the more exclusive models within our product range.

Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus Black

Premium HD Luvion babymonitor with camera and app

Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus

Premium HD Luvion babymonitor with camera and app

Grand Elite 3 Connect

Premium HD Luvion baby monitor with camera and app

Prestige Touch 3

HD video baby monitor equipped with a 7" screen

Supreme Connect 2

Premium HD Luvion baby monitor with camera and app

Anywhere a secure private connection with your baby? It's possible With the Luvion Supreme Connect 2. Whether you're just downstairs or in the garden, at work or on a far away journey, your can watch and listen to your baby everywhere via the secure free app. The Supreme Connect 2 allows you to connect up to 4 cameras at the same time. Enjoy your sleeping baby on the extra large crystal clear 5" LCD touch screen. This premium HD baby monitor constantly provides overall comfort and reassurance, at home and on-the-go.

The Luvion Prestige Touch 3 is equipped with as many functionalities as the Supreme Connect, yet without the option to monitor via an app. Its unique feature is definitely the xxl 7” screen with split screen function, perfect for monitoring multiple rooms at once. The Prestige Touch 3 is the improved version of the Prestige Touch 2, proclaimed best video baby monitor for several years in a row by the Dutch Consumers Association and Mother & Baby Magazine. So if you are looking for a full option video baby monitor, with an extra large screen and without an app function, choose the Luvion Prestige Touch 3.

The Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect gives you, just like the Supreme Connect, the possibility to view the images via a free app on your smartphone or tablet. However, in contrast to the Supreme Connect this is build directly into the camera. Once connected you can always view the camera images through the app via a 100% secured and password protected connection. The Grand Elite 3 Connect is also equipped with touch screen control. So if you are looking for a baby monitor with integrated wifi capabilities, we advise you to buy the Luvion Grand Elite 3 Connect baby monitor.

The Plus version of the Grand Elite 3 Connect is equipped with a larger 5 inch LCD touchscreen. You can connect up to 4 cameras for brothers and sisters, both on the app as well as on the parent unit. The camera plays 10 different lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. Just like the ‘regular’ Grand Elite 3 Connect you can use the secured Luvion Connect app to watch over your baby from any location on this planet, as long as you have a working Internet connection. The LLHR technology optimizes the distance between the camera and the parent unit when you are at home.

This black Plus version of the Grand Elite 3 Connect is equipped with every conceivable convenience. In addition to all the functionalities of the Grand Elite 3 Connect, this baby monitor has a large (5 inch) and clear LCD touchscreen and you can also connect up to 4 cameras for brothers and sisters (on the monitor and on the app). The Grand Elite 3 Connect Plus has no less than 10 high-quality lullabies. Just like with the 'normal' Grand Elite 3 Connect, you can view the images from the camera on the supplied monitor and anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet with the Luvion Connect App. Thanks to the special LLHR technology, you have excellent range everywhere in and around the house with the supplied monitor. As you are used to from Luvion.

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