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At Luvion Premium Babyproducts the focus is on both design and convenience; our product line includes various baby and baby grooming products. Our philosophy is that by developing and producing high-quality baby products, we can make parents' lives easier. Everything we do is focused on babies and their parents. Luvion products are always of high quality, the same is true for our customer service. Luvion Premium Babyproducts is a Dutch company that was founded in 2005 and has grown rapidly since then. Luvion products are now sold in more than 25 countries worldwide.


Luvion Premium Babyproducts revolves around designing premium technical solutions for new parents. We develop high quality baby products to support parents during pregnancy and the first precious years. Each and every Luvion product has to stand out in functionality, design, applicability and high quality. All Luvion products have to add something new to the market.

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In a world where innovation is increasingly driven by product experience and improving living standards, design and product quality have an increasing strategic value. For Luvion, quality and design are therefore opportunities to stand out because they are a substantial and integral part of the product experience.


We look forward to welcoming you!
Negenmaandenbeurs, Consumer Fair,
February 15 - February 18 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kind + Jugend, Trade Fair,
September 7-9 2023, Cologne, Germany
ABC Kids Expo,  Trade Fair,
Mei 3-5 2023, Las Vegas, United States

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Are you as enthusiastic about our products as the many parents who already use our products worldwide? Would you also like to sell our products and are you as committed to good customer service as we are? Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.


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Follow #LUVION of @LUVIONBABY on social channels. For technical questions please reach out to our customer service.

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Since its foundation, we at Luvion have been manufacturing innovative high quality baby and children's products. As a result of these efforts, our products have been awarded numerous innovation and product quality awards by consumer and industry panels both nationally and internationally. It makes us very proud that our focus on the innovative character, quality and design of Luvion products is reflected in their reviews.